Saturday, February 23, 2013

Victorian Dollhouse - Living Room 1:12 scale, pt 2

Victorian Dollhouse Miniatures - Living Room 1:12 scale.  

This is the living room of my Greenleaf Beacon Hill dollhouse.  This room I change a lot; you will notice different rugsSometimes I will move the piano out because it takes up so much room. To see more of the outside,  see part 1 of my Victorian Dollhouse Miniatures.

living room

Victorian dollhouse

dollhouse living room

dollhouse flowers
My fimo roses and paper lilacs, laser cut fern and doilies.

miniature living room

dollhouse living room
These little peeps must have traveled to exotic places and have a collection throughout their house.

living room

This is a narrow and awkward shaped room so it is difficult to get the camera in to take photos! Next post: Miniature Kitchen and Dining Room so stay tuned!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Victorian Dollhouse Miniatures, Part One


Victorian Dollhouse Miniatures. This was my first and only 1:12 scale dollhouse I made many years ago from a Greenleaf kit. It took me some time to build, then it sat for a year before I painted it, then it sat for another year before I wired and furnished it!  Right now the furniture is still in boxes after moving,  I think it has been about four years! That is Tuffy our Russian Blue cat who passed just a couple months ago, she was 19 1/2 years old. I was amazed how she could get inside the living room and barely tip anything over!

Beacon Hill dollhouse

Victorian dollhouse

In the next coming posts I will show you the interior plus some of the room boxes and gardens I have done so stay tuned!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Retro Earrings and Hair Sticks

dangle earrings

Retro bead dangle earrings, fun hairsticks
made with my favorite vintage beads from
Austria. I am always searching for unique
beads; I found these very cool, big 20mm
Baroque style lucite beads that are
perfect for today's styles. Fun & funky,
you can dress them up with a cool retro
dress or they look great with jeans and a
t-shirt. The hair sticks are perfect for a messy
bun that is so popular today

fun earrings

Here the Vintage Inspired Passionista is wearing these fun earrings with a cool T-shirt. Check out her awesome vintage fashion blog for more great styling ideas!

hair sticks

messy bun

Wouldn't the hair sticks look great with a messy bun?  Be sure to follow the VIP on facebook too! 
and her blog

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