Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Costume Jewelry Storage Tip

Costume Jewelry Storage Tip:

To prevent your costume jewelry, sterling silver or handmade costume jewelry from tarnishing, keep in Ziploc baggies! It is difficult to tell just by looking at a costume piece if it is going to tarnish or not so to be safe, I keep almost everything in plastic bags!

storing costume jewelry

Be sure to see these tips on cleaning rhinestone jewelry.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hunting for Mushrooms

wild mushrooms
Wild Lobster Mushrooms and Chanterelles

It is the time of year for fall mushrooms! I love hunting for chanterelles, hedgehogs, matsutake, bear's head coral, boletes or whatever I can find! Here is a painting I did a few years ago. It reminds me of searching for chanterelles in the vine maple.

hunting for chanterelles
1999 Acrylic "Hunting for Chanterelles"

Wild mushrooms are a little more difficult to cook; the high water content plus butter can turn them into slime! Here are some cooking methods and tips for wild mushrooms.

For information on cooking wild mushrooms please see my Squidoo article.

I was also hunting for mushrooms on Etsy but not a single matsutake found! I love the aroma of the piney cinnamon; totally reminds me of fall!


'On the Hunt for the Matsutake Mushroom' by BluKatDesign

Not a single one found here on Etsy but I can sure smell them!

White mushroom necklace, White Ombre - bettula
Cinnamon & Sugar Buski Stubble with Button Closure - BuskiBeard
Pine forest Autumn photography Bright green and orange fall Photo 20x20cm (8x8inches) - peraboom
White Mushrooms - Pink Spots Nature Scene Pincushion Made To Order Home Decor - FoxtailCreekStudio
Organic soap with cinnamon - elsaba
PINE - Incense sticks - nikkicandles
Hot Cinnamon White Chocolate Candy - NicolesTreats
Oatmeal Cinnamon Soap Set of Four 4 oz Bars - aprilshowerssoaps
FIRESIDE POTPOURRI - Red hot cinnamon scent,  comes with bottle of refresher oil - NHWoodscreations
Set Of Six Red and White Mushroom Ornaments - WanderingLydia
Cinnamon sticks decorated Candle unscented - ready to ship - BlackParrotCreations
Fall Pine Cone Teacup and Saucer - PEAKaBooVintage
1962 Abruptly-bulbous Agaricus Vintage Offset Mushroom Lithograph to Frame - CabinetOfTreasures
Lacy Fingerless Mittens // CHOOSE YOUR COLOR // Shown in Mushroom Brown - yarncrazygirl
5 White with Cinnamon spice Frit Lampwork Bead Set SRAF34 - ferrarioriginalbeads
White Mushroom Garden Statue - Glazed Ceramic - vintage style - EnchantdMushroomLand

Friday, October 26, 2012

1980's Retro Jewelry Art

A collection of some of my wearable art jewelry made in the early 80's. A friend pointed out that it is now vintage retro jewelry art! I guess I am getting old!

wearable art necklace
I made this necklace in high school. I was fortunate to have the master of  found object art jewelry, Ron Ho,  as my teacher! 1981 sterling silver repousse

art jewelry necklace
After high school, I  played with acrylic for a bit; this was my first. 1982 acrylic, copper, brass wearable art necklace

wearable art jewelry
1982 nickel, amethyst, plastic tubing art pendant

retro jewelry art
1982 Necklace/Belt;  nickel, acrylic, plastic tubing, citrine

retro art jewelry
1982 retro art necklace; nickel, acrylic, copper, garnet, plastic tubing

retro jewelry
1982 retro jewelry; nickel, acrylic, plastic tubing, telephone wire

retro jewelry
1982 Art Jewelry Necklace/Belt

funky necklace
1982 Necklace with interchangeable acrylic triangles, nickel, copper, plastic tubing, carnelian

1982 art jewelry necklace with nickel, acrylic, plastic tubing, amethyst

My Upcycled Jewelry Today:

funky necklace
2012 upcycled necklace made of bobby pins. As you can see I still like fun and funky jewelry designs and color!

Colorful Neon Earrings made from repurposed bobby pins!

flower statement necklace
I also collect vintage jewelry to remake into unique jewelry collages. 2010 upcycled necklace.

art jewelry
To see my jewelry teacher and other inspiring jewelry artists and wearable jewelry art, see my article on Squidoo!

For some really inspiring jewelry please follow me on Pinterest!

inspiring jewelry