Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dollhouse Miniatures: Jewelry & Clock Shop 1:12 scale

miniature jewelry shop

Dollhouse Miniatures: jewelry and clock shop 1 :12 scale room box. As if I don't spend enough time making jewelry,  I just had to make a miniature jewelry and clock shop! The  jeweler's bench,  cabinet and case I made by hand. The chairs in the front were resin Christmas ornaments! I made a lot of the clocks from old watches and buttons. It is kind of tough making jewelry to scale; these jewels would be giant in real life! The FabergĂ© eggs were fun to make from Fimo clay, beads, rhinestones and findings.

miniature cabinet

miniature  jewelry shop

miniature jewelers bench


miniature clock shop

dollhouse jewelry

miniature jewelry

Please stay tuned for my flower & garden shop, my unique tea shop and Conservatory!
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