Saturday, June 9, 2012

DIY Flower Burst Paper Straw Wreath

DIY straw wreath

DIY Paper Straw Wreath.  I first saw this gorgeous red and white candy stick like Christmas wreath  (click here for detailed instructions) on Pinterest but I never got around to getting the paper straws.  Finally, I found some yellow straws (you need the 144 or 150 pack!) from Making Memories Fun on Etsy and made my version; a bright yellow flower burst! Perfect for brightening up my boring front porch!

paper straw wreath

I first cut a  6" circle out of 2 layers of cardboard and then cut about a 2" hole; I  hot glued these together and sealed them with a clear acrylic spray since I planned to hang it outside. Note: I sandwiched a wire  between the pieces of cardboard for hanging.

I then hot glued 4 full sized straws in a cross then kept adding them evenly around. I then added some shorter straws. By pinching the ends, you can jam the straws around the circle until no cardboard shows. I added a little touch of spray paint and sealed the entire wreath on both sides with clear acrylic spray.

DIY paper straw wreath

     These would be gorgeous for a party or wall art too!

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Friday, June 1, 2012

A Great Art Quote...

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