Friday, February 7, 2014

It's Official, My Main Blog is Moving to Word Press!

bling earrings
See my new Word Press Blog Post:  Top  7 looks from the VIP Blog and BluKatDesign Jewelry

BluKatKraft , my main craft blog, is now officially moving from here on blogger to word press! All of my old posts will stay here on blogger, I will keep it up and running with Polyvore updates and Etsy Treasuries but come on over  to BluKatKraft art and Craft Blog for new  DIY's, crafts, fashion, jewelry and other creative ideas!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Moving Blog from Blogger to Word Press ?

It's not official ....yet but I may, after years of problems with my Blogger blog I may make my Word Press Blog my main blog. I might just do my Polyvore updates and Etsy Treasuries here on Blogger. It seems something is always going wrong on Blogger. There is absolutely no support, sure there is a "feedback" form but I really don't think anyone looks at it because my blog was almost unusable for a period of six months a while back! My photos would jump all over the place!  Another time I was not able to add links to words in the compose mode. My "search box" wouldn't work, it goes on and on. Sure there is a forum but it is like crickets on there, occasionally someone would try to help me work around the problems but never fix the problems! I like to use a lot of photos on my blog and I used to be able to click on the "edit link" in the compose mode (I know very little HTML code) and put my own links it. I did this for years, see the highlighted blue:

can't add links to photos on Blogger

I got lucky a couple times replacing the blogger links with my own links in HTML but really, do I want to look at this?  Plus it doesn't always work! It gives me a headache just looking at this:

compose mode doesn't work on Blogger
Blogger Headache!

So check out my Word Press Craft Blog and let me know what you think!  I am also working on the name so if you have ideas please let me know!

UPDATE! I finally got help on the blogger forum I am not sure why things changed for me, but there is a simple way to add links to photos in compose mode! After adding the photo the "link" above is highlighted and just click on that to add link! I can't believe someone on the forum earlier told me there was never a way to add links to photos in the compose mode!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Unique Valentine's Day Fashion Ideas

Black and White Valentine's Day Fashion

Black and White Valentine's Day Fashion by blukatdesign featuring Steampunk heart earrings

I think a black and white themed Valentine's Day would so classy; I'm sure it would include 
a lot of dark and white chocolate! I have these black heart earrings (above) and other fun heart earrings in my Etsy shop! I also have these unique teal blue heart earrings with turquoise chain!  What would you do with a blue or teal themed Valentine's Day? 

teal heart earrings
Teal Blue Heart Earrings

You can follow my Valentines Day Ideas board on Pinterest for more ideas!