Sunday, June 23, 2013

2013 Fall Fashion Colors

fall fashion 2013

Anna Sui - Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Fall 2013

I am just loving the fall 2013 colors and textures, especially this combination of burgundy,  reds, oranges and fuchsia. Here are some of my boho chic earrings  inspired by the Anna Sui collection at New York Fashion Week:

boho chic earrings

Some exotic flower earrings I made for this summer also inspired by NYFW :

summer earrings

Here is an awesome wearable art scarf with a ton of texture I found on Etsy by

MaximumJulia :

wearable art scarf

A set I  made on Polyvore inspired by the runway but made for everyday with my red and purple ombre necklace :

red purple polyvore

  Here is what I call "peacock" in greens, blues and turquoise:

peacock fashion 2013
Anna Sui New York Fashion Week

My peacock earrings and teal earrings in rich jewel tones for fall:

peacock earrings

teal earrings

Here is a gorgeous peacock scarf from PerfectScarves on Etsy; perfect for fall!

peacock scarf

So remember pick out some rich jewel tones you like for fall.  Don't be afraid to layer a few colors with different textures and add at least one special handmade piece you love!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Simple Bedroom Makeover: White, Turquoise & Red

turquoise  and red bedroom

Simple bedroom makeover with turquoise curtains from Ikea. A nice bedroom before but kind of blah. The room was white & beige with a splash of red:

bedroom makeover

This picture was taken as I was hanging the brackets,  I had my painting of a tree above the bed which I moved to our entry way and now looks like it is in the right place.  Here is the tree painting now:

abstract tree painting
The tree is much better in our entry way!

red and turquoise bedroom

We've been in our new place for a year and a half but couldn't figure out what colors I wanted.  I love the modern gray bedrooms but I just didn't want to paint.  I wanted to keep the red cat my mom made for me in the room but I am so tired of just red even though it is my favorite color.  I kept seeing turquoise everywhere; even some cool light turquoise velvet curtains at Ikea.  Finally, I saw this fabulous soothing but vibrant room in Adore Your Place interior design blog  :


That sealed the deal! It was going to be turquoise and red! 
So off to Ikea I went and picked up the curtains.....and then they sat. Procrastination set in, where do I hang them?  How wide? How high? What about this goofy asymmetrical window? To puddle or not? I hate sewing!  I like seeing the tree outside the window when I walk in the room. ....and OMG  I have to iron them first! My least favorite thing to do is iron!  After a few weeks,  I bit the bullet and just did it!  It's hard work just hanging a few curtains,  a bit sore for a day after but it was totally worth it!

red and turquoise bedroom makeover

hanging curtains
Very hard work hanging curtains!

turquoise bathroom

The master bathroom even got a turquoise makeover with some of my favorite scrap fabric in an Ikea frame!  The bedroom still needs a bit more decorative touches like maybe some pattered pillows or finials;  I will probably make some using glass drawer knobs and save $35 a pair! The whole makeover cost about $200 including a "new" turquoise dog blanket from Goodwill for Zoe!

What do you think of turquoise and red?