Wednesday, June 15, 2011

DIY Hanging Magnetic Spice Rack/Storage

Simple DIY Hanging Magnetic Spice Rack or Bead Storage


1) 1-2 magnetic knife racks; one rack holds about 8 jars. I got mine from Ikea
2) Spice jars, I see them at Bed Bath & Beyond, at my market in the spice section or at The Container Store
3) 8-16 metal 1 1/4" washers
4) 2-part epoxy
5) course sandpaper

First you want to take some course sandpaper and rough up the the center part of the plastic lids and also one side of the washers to help the glue stick. Mix up enough epoxy and spread a generous portion on the lid and place the washer on top. Set aside for at least a couple hours, preferably overnight before using.

Mount your knife racks under a shelf or cabinet according to the directions, arrange your spice jars and there you have it, a simple magnetic hanging spice rack!