Sunday, April 22, 2012

DIY Sweater Pillow Tutorials

DIY Sweater Pillows. Check out the links to the tutorials below!

sweater pillow tutorial

DIY sweater pillows

Make your own comfy colorful pillows out of old sweaters. I love the textures and colors you can get from using old sweaters. The green and orange pillows were made from thrift store sweaters.

My mom made this red pillow for me years ago; I like the swirl she sewed in.

sweater pillows

Some others I made;  I used the arm for my memory foam  "peanut" neck pillow and just tied a knot.

Not even a sweater but my ruched silk top upcycled into decorative pillow for our bedroom! I can't wait to get a hold of some ruffled tops!

DIY sweater pillow

Here is a tutorial for beautiful embellished sweater pillows from the

       For a lined sweater pillow here is a great tutorial from make it and love it

My tips:

1) Even if your sweater is a tight weave the white pillow cover may show through so make a darker cover out of some scrap fabric.

2) Remember it will stretch so don't be afraid of it being too small!

3) Have a small sweater and want two pillows? Just use some scrap fabric for the back panels; I used some darker green flannel for the green pillows above.

4) I rounded the tips of my pillow; it helps it look more finished and neater.

Sweater pillows are super easy and fun to make! Feel free to post links to your sweater projects here!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

DIY Scrap Fabric Bow Pasta Tutorial

DIY scrap fabric bow pasta tutorial

 This would be a fun thing for kids but I have none so I made them to add color to my new kitchen!  I saw a few tutorials, including this cool fabric bow pasta tutorial at V and Co. and decided to use Stitch Witchery fusible bonding instead of sewing because I hate to sew!

First, cut  5" squares out of  scrap fabric ( you need two squares of each color for front and back)  Then  cut  5" squares of the Stitch Witchery and sandwich it between the two fabric squares and iron to fuse them together. 
(use package instructions)

Next,  cut the squares in half with regular scissors and then cut in half again with pinking sheers ( you now should have four 2 1/2" squares) and trim one edge with the pinking sheers so opposite sides have the zig zags.

Last, you just sew down the middle;  pull the thread so the fabric crimps and tie a knot and you have a pasta bow!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

DIY Decorative Upcycled Garden Stakes

upcycled garden stakes

DIY Decorative Upcycled Garden Stakes. Make your own fun & funky decorative garden stakes with cheap vases, teapots, plates, do-dads and other junky finds! First you need a long skinny vase that will fit over a garden stake; this one is a cheap florist vase.

For the glue  I used Amazing Goop - Household but I have read GE Silicone II for Windows and Doors works well too.

As you can see I propped my vase upside down with some paper stuffed inside a jar. Use lots of glue; make sure all holes are filled so water can't get inside; let dry 48 hours before putting outside in the rain. I turned my plates and teapot upside down so water couldn't collect or get inside.  I want to be able to leave these outside in our mild Seattle climate year round and not have the water freeze and crack everything in the winter! For the stakes you can use old broomsticks or go to the plumbing department  and get 12' of 1/2" plastic tubing for $2 and spray paint it.

Right now I have these scattered all over my tiny yard but I think they would look best in groups. I love how they add color to my shady garden! These upcycled garden stakes are so easy and fun to make.  For another garden project,  I am collecting colorful plates to make "flower plates" to hang on my fence.

Feel free to post links to your projects; I would love to see them!