Monday, March 10, 2014

Craft Workbench Tip: Attach a yardstick to The Edge of Your Table or Bench

Never lose your ruler or yard stick again! I simply drilled some holes and attached the yardstick with small screws so I have a permanent ruler that can't go anywhere! Now I have a more efficient  workspace.

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See my previous post about how not to lose your scissors!

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  1. I love this idea since I use a measuring tape at least once a day! I always use it along the edge of the table so this would be a perfect solution.

    1. Miss Val, such an easy thing to do I wish I would have done it sooner :)

  2. Great tip Heather. I have one of those free paper ones from Ikea under the clear plastic on my table and it works brilliantly because I can't get it grubby. LOL!
    Love your scissors tip too!
    But the thing I lose most often in my studio is my glasses. I've tried the "on the top of your head" solution, the "around the neck solution" and I've even bought some bright "cheater glasses" to help them stand out but these ideas have been only partially successful. Got any clever ideas for how to never lose your specs again?

    1. Mylene, LOL I have no idea how to not lose them! I try to keep an old pair in every room! Please let me know if you figure that one out!!!