Sunday, March 9, 2014

Get Organized! Never Lose a Pair of Scissors in Your Craft Room Again!

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I just realized I have THREE pairs of scissors for my craft room and not the two I was looking for! Being so tired of hunting for my scissors all of the time,  I found all three and tied a string to them all.  I  attached them to each of my "stations";  I have a sewing station, a paper and packaging station and my workbench.  I am used to having a sting attached to scissors because I used to do that at work so no one would steal my scissors! My next project is attaching a yardstick to the edge of my workbench so that will never move!

organized craft room
Scissors tied to my paper and packaging station

craft room organization
Scissors tied to my sewing station

orgaized workbench
Main workbench

I am now off to the hardware store to get another yardstick because I can't find my other one, it is bright yellow so you would think it would be easy to find!!! I will attach it to the edge of my workbench above! So get organized and never loose a pair of scissors in your craft room again!

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