Thursday, March 13, 2014

Before And After Acrylic Painting, Updated Mixed Media Art

texture in acrylic painting
BEFORE: an experiment with texture

This painting above,  I did a couple years ago was an experiment in creating textures in acrylic paintings. (be sure to check out my old post to see the tutorial on how I made the textures!)   It looked like an experiment!  Even though I liked it, I wasn't totally happy with just needed something else. I love collages and maps so I thought I would try decoupaging some map parts to it.  I love the effect of the paper going over the textures and looks like part of the painting now, like mountains or underwater mountains!  The maps seem to fit nicely:

mixed media art

map collage

art collage

My next map project is a decoupaged mannequin head and another mixed media using topo maps so stay tuned!  Be sure to check  out my Polyvore art collage post featuring fabulous,  unique collages from other artists and myself!

  What do you think, almost too good for my bathroom now? Comments welcomed!


  1. Love this Heather! Would love to share this on my blog Tuesday!

    1. Thanks so much Brenda, remind me so I can share it :)

  2. I love the ideas of the textures and the maps in the painting. Amazing and intriguing work.

  3. That is really creative. Love the color and texture.