Saturday, December 15, 2012

Recycle, Reuse, Remake, Repurpose... Upcycle!

upcycled wall art
The original upcycled bottle cap mosaic

A repurposed blog post about upcycling upcycled art!  I just had some fun with photos of my upcycled bottle cap mosaic. See directions on my original post about  bottle cap art to make one of these yourself!

I took a bunch of photos and got this blurred one that is perfect for the background on my Tumblr blog! I am lucky I have a mac and just used iphoto to increase the saturation and reduce the noise to get an interesting effect.

repurposed art

The cool thing about 3-d art  you can take pictures at different angles that can be reused for various things or you can just frame it and hang it!

upcycling bottle caps

This one I used Gimp, a free photo editing program similar to photoshop, to posterize and play with the hues.  I really like how it looks but I am not sure where I'm going to use it yet!


So, whether it is a blog post, art or photo it is okay to upcycle or repurpose! How do you reuse or repurpose? Please share you ideas here!


  1. Love where you are going with GIMP! It has the potential of being a great pop art picture!

    1. Thanks so much Pearl. I really need to learn more about GIMP!

  2. Hi;
    I follow via Twitter. Love your Stuff, I like reusing brown paper that comes in my Stampin Up! orders. I put the paper under books for a few days, then create the brown envelopes for some of my Vintage cards. I also am using the paper for the goodie bags on my very first market stall 23, March 2013. I should have pictures soon of the bags, I have cut them out but need to assemble and stamp.
    Will blog and tweet them once I finish.

    Oh and as I am a painter, I use all the trays I get at butchers and Veg shops for my paint pallets.

    1. Warratahstree, Thanks so much! I can't wait to see your project! I save a lot of paper myself; usually for punching flowers for my packaging:)