Sunday, April 22, 2012

DIY Sweater Pillow Tutorials

DIY Sweater Pillows. Check out the links to the tutorials below!

sweater pillow tutorial

DIY sweater pillows

Make your own comfy colorful pillows out of old sweaters. I love the textures and colors you can get from using old sweaters. The green and orange pillows were made from thrift store sweaters.

My mom made this red pillow for me years ago; I like the swirl she sewed in.

sweater pillows

Some others I made;  I used the arm for my memory foam  "peanut" neck pillow and just tied a knot.

Not even a sweater but my ruched silk top upcycled into decorative pillow for our bedroom! I can't wait to get a hold of some ruffled tops!

DIY sweater pillow

Here is a tutorial for beautiful embellished sweater pillows from the

       For a lined sweater pillow here is a great tutorial from make it and love it

My tips:

1) Even if your sweater is a tight weave the white pillow cover may show through so make a darker cover out of some scrap fabric.

2) Remember it will stretch so don't be afraid of it being too small!

3) Have a small sweater and want two pillows? Just use some scrap fabric for the back panels; I used some darker green flannel for the green pillows above.

4) I rounded the tips of my pillow; it helps it look more finished and neater.

Sweater pillows are super easy and fun to make! Feel free to post links to your sweater projects here!


  1. thanks for shout out for my tutorial! I love the swirl pillow too! :)

    1. Brassy Apple, Thanks so much! I love your embellishments, I may have to try that on my other pillow!