Saturday, May 21, 2011

DIY Long "Patchwork" Chain Necklace Tutorial for Beginners

Here is a simple necklace even a beginner can make using bits of old chain and beads. These look great alone or layered with your favorite necklaces. The idea here is to keep it simple so it has a random whimsical feel. You can add fancy twisted jump rings or hammered loops, charms or whatever you have on hand; I like the look of using bigger jump rings for a more modern,  fun  look.

Tools needed: round nose pliers, wire cutters; You can get both for about $10 at Fire Mountain Gems.

Materials: bits of old chain, assorted beads, 4mm 20 gauge and 8mm 18 gauge jump rings (I used about 8 each per necklace), eye pins, optional clasp. If you already have tools and just need a few jump rings I recommend   Fusion Beads (free shipping!)

1) Arrange bits of chain (my chain sections are 2" to 7" long) in a "patchwork" manner to the approximate desired length;  a long necklace is usually around 30- 34" to  42"

2) If you want to add beads, use an eye pin and make a simple loop(video)

3) Connect  the bead with the 8mm jump ring
( here you can use fancy twisted or hammered jump rings) and then connect to the chain sections with the 4 mm jump rings and you should have a cute and versatile necklace!

If you have any questions  or want to comment please  feel free to comment below!

I'd love to see your finished necklaces; feel free to post them here