Friday, December 12, 2014

Simple Repurposed Bulb Fabric Ornaments DIY

repurposed ornaments
Repurposed bulb ornament with scrap fabric!

Repurpose old and ugly glass or styrofoam  bulb ornaments into something new!  A super easy project using scrap fabric, ribbon and old ornaments.

upcycled ornaments
Upcycle old ornaments

Depending on the size of the bulb, you might start with an 8x8" square piece of scrap fabric. Make sure you have a cord attached for hanging then form the fabric around the bulb and tie a bow!  Carefully trim the excess fabric off without cutting the hanger and you have a super simple upcycled ornament!

easy DIY ornaments
Upcycled fabric ornaments

cristmas crafts

handmade ornaments

Be sure to see my upcycled jar lid photo ornaments and follow my Pinterest board: Christmas Ornament!

Do you upcycle at Christmas? Comments welcomed!

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