Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Beading Tip - Jewelry Making

beading tips

Jewelry making, beading tip:

I stumbled across this idea by mistake! My workbench was a total mess, I had nowhere to put my beads but on this plastic mesh I was using for another project and guess what? The beads stayed put and did not roll all over the place! Plastic Canvas comes in all sorts of colors; you can find the clear and brown at JoAnn's or any craft supply store in the needlepoint section. It works well for beads 3mm and larger. Now I keep a spot on my bench with the mesh for my beading projects!

Do you have any cool tips for jewelry making? Comments welcomed below. Be sure to check out my original handmade jewelry too!


  1. Brilliant Idea! So simple and yet effective :D


    1. Elizabeth, thanks! You could even put it in a tray for a portable beading station!