Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Moving Blog from Blogger to Word Press ?

It's not official ....yet but I may, after years of problems with my Blogger blog I may make my Word Press Blog my main blog. I might just do my Polyvore updates and Etsy Treasuries here on Blogger. It seems something is always going wrong on Blogger. There is absolutely no support, sure there is a "feedback" form but I really don't think anyone looks at it because my blog was almost unusable for a period of six months a while back! My photos would jump all over the place!  Another time I was not able to add links to words in the compose mode. My "search box" wouldn't work, it goes on and on. Sure there is a forum but it is like crickets on there, occasionally someone would try to help me work around the problems but never fix the problems! I like to use a lot of photos on my blog and I used to be able to click on the "edit link" in the compose mode (I know very little HTML code) and put my own links it. I did this for years, see the highlighted blue:

can't add links to photos on Blogger

I got lucky a couple times replacing the blogger links with my own links in HTML but really, do I want to look at this?  Plus it doesn't always work! It gives me a headache just looking at this:

compose mode doesn't work on Blogger
Blogger Headache!

So check out my Word Press Craft Blog and let me know what you think!  I am also working on the name so if you have ideas please let me know!

UPDATE! I finally got help on the blogger forum I am not sure why things changed for me, but there is a simple way to add links to photos in compose mode! After adding the photo the "link" above is highlighted and just click on that to add link! I can't believe someone on the forum earlier told me there was never a way to add links to photos in the compose mode!

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