Friday, January 31, 2014

Vintage Button Necklace, Button Jewelry - DIY Jewelry

button necklace
The VIP wearing her one-of-a-kind BluKatDesign  bib necklace!

I've always loved vintage buttons and even colorful new buttons. They are so fun to make jewelry or even decorative magnets with.  I was so excited the other day when I found my old stash of buttons I had for years! Abby, the Vintage Inspired Passionista (VIP) sent me a load of her grandmother's buttons to make a custom necklace for her birthday!

To make these button necklaces, all you need to know is how to sew on a button and maybe have a good eye! The back is made from plastic needlepoint canvas, you can get in craft stores. It comes in a lot of different colors but I like the light brown because it doesn't show through when you are wearing it. I arrange my buttons in the general shape I want (it will always turn out differently than planned!)  Cut a paper template that is slightly larger than what you want, then I just cut the plastic around the template:

button necklacebutton crafts

With super heavy duty polyester thread, I begin sewing! I start with my main focal point like this zipper flower or largest buttons and work form there.  Not my most favorite thing to do, I seem to get tangled up in the thread a lot when I sew! Always knot after every button just in case one falls off, the others wont go too! I keep all of the knots and threading on the inside as much as possible so it will not show on the back.  I also seal the knots with nail polish so they do not come undone.  When all of the buttons are sewn on, carefully trim the edges so the mesh wont show. I always put a sturdy button with holes at the ends to attach jump rings for hanging a chain. (see photo below) You can embellish with a zipper flower or vintage jewelry too!

DIY button necklace

bib necklace

repurposed buttons

button earrings
Button stud earrings

handmade bookmark
Bookmark made with vintage button cards!

I also made Abby button earrings and a laminated bookmark from the vintage button cards! Here are more of my one-of-a-kind button necklaces that are available in my Etsy shop:

button necklace
Zipper flower necklace with vintage buttons

repurposed vintage necklace
Repurposed vintage button and earring necklace

 I don't make many brooches but I thought it would be fun to make Barbara, Abby's grandmother a  pin with her buttons for her brooch collection too!

button brooch

 If you your style is more modern, you can try making button cluster dangles and button hoop earrings which are my favorites. Or, if you are not so creative,  I have other fun button jewelry including colorful button earrings you must see in my Etsy shop!

button dangle earrings
Button cluster dangle earrings

Button hoop earrings

Who doesn't like buttons? They are so cute and  fun! What kinds of things do you make with buttons?



  1. Thanks for the tutorial! The necklace is absolutely charming! You make it look so easy but it must take a long time to do something like that!

    1. Lucille, thanks so much, it does take time but not as time consuming as a lot of miniatures ;)

  2. This is inspiring! Love the necklace. Have to find the perfect buttons to make my own:) ...and this rose zipper-lovely!

  3. Thanks feel free to post your creation on my facebook page, i would love to see it! :)