Sunday, December 22, 2013

Easy Christmas Crafts: Ornaments Made with Scalloped Paper Punch

recycled Christmas cards

These are simple DIY paper ornaments made with  Fiskar's 2" scalloped paper punch.  I like to upcycle old Christmas cards, catalogs and sheet music.  You can use a regular glue stick but I use Yes glue and you will need a cord to hang them with:

paper crafts

Start by punching out eight scalloped circles; I like to use four sheet music or lighter colors and four contrasting or darker colors but you can do any combination or solid colors. You can do this with only four paper punches and up to about 12-16! Try this with other shaped punches; get creative!

christmas crafts

Fold them in half with the good side on the inside:

DIY ornaments

 Fold them all and cut a 16" piece of cord. Tie a knot at the end leaving a couple inches:

upcycled ornaments

Start gluing; my punch has an odd number of scallops so just make sure to line them up and alternate colors:

upcycled ornaments

When you get to the last one,  add the cord with the knot at the bottom, then glue the last punch (a bead would look cute at the bottom too!) :

handmade ornaments

paper punch ornaments

handmade ornament

recycled paper ornament

 paper ornaments

gift wrap ideas

I just love the look of paper ornaments. Get creative with your gift wrapping; add a couple to your box with a ribbon. You can also make garlands like this for any occasion!


  1. These are so cute! Joann's had all of their punches half price yesterday and I almost bought one, but talked myself out of it. Now I wish I had so I can make some of these! Thank you for sharing!!

    1. Jennifer, this 2" scalloped punch is my favorite, most used punch, I also have the 1 1/2 and 1" scalloped punch & am looking for a 3" one! They are very handy!