Saturday, October 12, 2013

Decorative Foil Balls DIY

decorative balls

I am always searching for ways of reducing static from the dryer and these foil balls are all over Pinterest so I thought I would give it a try! Well, no luck in reducing static but the balls became so smooth and dense; they remind me of mercury glass.

foil dryer balls
Foil dryer balls on Pinterest

I started with about a 2" ball of foil that I firmly packed.  If I do this again, I would start with even bigger balls because they shrink by one third.  Then I made several more:

Now if you put more than two balls in the dryer, it will be very noisy .... and this takes about two months if you do 4-5 loads a week! After a month your ball will look like the one on the right (below) still kind of like a foil ball. It takes awhile to get the smooth burnished look as the one on the left!

foil balls

I think these balls will look great for the holidays.  So now,  I see some pins where they say to also put vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser for the rinse!   I am going to have to try this one!

Do you have any laundry tips or have any cool ideas for decorative balls? Do you have any Pinterest fails? I would love your comments here :)

UPDATE: No more balls in the dryer; just 1/4 vinegar in a Downy ball for the rinse cycle and not a bit of static!!!


  1. Hi Heather! What a cool end result! This was an unexpected surprise and even if the clothes didn't benefit your decor certainly has! :))


    1. Elizabeth, Thanks, I want to try making some bigger flatter ones like river rocks :)

  2. Brilliant idea, thanks for showing how to do.

    1. Wyrna, Thanks so much they look even better than the photo :)

  3. These balls are absolutely gorgeous! I wonder if there's a way to use them when felting/fulling wool items in the washing machine. Hmm....

    1. MaximumJulia, Thanks so much. Let us know if your idea works :)