Sunday, September 15, 2013

Logos: Color Emotion Guide

upcycled jewelry

I just needed to create a logo that I could clip to Polyvore or pin to Pinterest! I created this logo from one of my first necklaces I sold; I thought a yellow flower would be cheery, whimsical and get noticed!

Here is a great guide for choosing colors for your logo from Daily Infographic:

logo colors

Do you have a logo and how did you choose it?  Are you on Pinterest on Polyvore if so, leave your links here!


  1. Hi Heather! You have a great logo! I don't see a lot of yellow in blogland so it is bound to get noticed just for it's uniqueness and the bright cheerfulness of it. I like the bright yellow flower on your shoulder in your photo so there is the visual connection.
    I chose mine for Studio E Miniatures based upon a business card that I had designed when I use to do make-up artistry, 'back in the day'. I liked the design and decided to modify it to reflect this new direction of mine, hence the mini house on a plate. The graphic design of silhouetted black on white, makes it stand out in the crowd.


    1. Thanks Elizabeth; balanced & calm with a bit of favorite times :)