Sunday, June 2, 2013

Simple Bedroom Makeover: White, Turquoise & Red

turquoise  and red bedroom

Simple bedroom makeover with turquoise curtains from Ikea. A nice bedroom before but kind of blah. The room was white & beige with a splash of red:

bedroom makeover

This picture was taken as I was hanging the brackets,  I had my painting of a tree above the bed which I moved to our entry way and now looks like it is in the right place.  Here is the tree painting now:

abstract tree painting
The tree is much better in our entry way!

red and turquoise bedroom

We've been in our new place for a year and a half but couldn't figure out what colors I wanted.  I love the modern gray bedrooms but I just didn't want to paint.  I wanted to keep the red cat my mom made for me in the room but I am so tired of just red even though it is my favorite color.  I kept seeing turquoise everywhere; even some cool light turquoise velvet curtains at Ikea.  Finally, I saw this fabulous soothing but vibrant room in Adore Your Place interior design blog  :


That sealed the deal! It was going to be turquoise and red! 
So off to Ikea I went and picked up the curtains.....and then they sat. Procrastination set in, where do I hang them?  How wide? How high? What about this goofy asymmetrical window? To puddle or not? I hate sewing!  I like seeing the tree outside the window when I walk in the room. ....and OMG  I have to iron them first! My least favorite thing to do is iron!  After a few weeks,  I bit the bullet and just did it!  It's hard work just hanging a few curtains,  a bit sore for a day after but it was totally worth it!

red and turquoise bedroom makeover

hanging curtains
Very hard work hanging curtains!

turquoise bathroom

The master bathroom even got a turquoise makeover with some of my favorite scrap fabric in an Ikea frame!  The bedroom still needs a bit more decorative touches like maybe some pattered pillows or finials;  I will probably make some using glass drawer knobs and save $35 a pair! The whole makeover cost about $200 including a "new" turquoise dog blanket from Goodwill for Zoe!

What do you think of turquoise and red?

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