Friday, October 26, 2012

1980's Retro Jewelry Art

A collection of some of my wearable art jewelry made in the early 80's. A friend pointed out that it is now vintage retro jewelry art! I guess I am getting old!

wearable art necklace
I made this necklace in high school. I was fortunate to have the master of  found object art jewelry, Ron Ho,  as my teacher! 1981 sterling silver repousse

art jewelry necklace
After high school, I  played with acrylic for a bit; this was my first. 1982 acrylic, copper, brass wearable art necklace

wearable art jewelry
1982 nickel, amethyst, plastic tubing art pendant

retro jewelry art
1982 Necklace/Belt;  nickel, acrylic, plastic tubing, citrine

retro art jewelry
1982 retro art necklace; nickel, acrylic, copper, garnet, plastic tubing

retro jewelry
1982 retro jewelry; nickel, acrylic, plastic tubing, telephone wire

retro jewelry
1982 Art Jewelry Necklace/Belt

funky necklace
1982 Necklace with interchangeable acrylic triangles, nickel, copper, plastic tubing, carnelian

1982 art jewelry necklace with nickel, acrylic, plastic tubing, amethyst

My Upcycled Jewelry Today:

funky necklace
2012 upcycled necklace made of bobby pins. As you can see I still like fun and funky jewelry designs and color!

Colorful Neon Earrings made from repurposed bobby pins!

flower statement necklace
I also collect vintage jewelry to remake into unique jewelry collages. 2010 upcycled necklace.

art jewelry
To see my jewelry teacher and other inspiring jewelry artists and wearable jewelry art, see my article on Squidoo!

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inspiring jewelry


  1. Wow! So very interesting to see the progression over the years of your wearable art work. I particular like your reuse of the alligator clips as clasps.

    Lately I've been wondering how old electronics could be reused to make really stunning jewelry. My eye is so often caught by those green circuit boards with all of the modernist looking brass lines on them.

    Now I'm wondering if you might have already done that ten years ago.

    1. Rachel, Thanks! I guess I was upcycling 30 years ago, never thought of that! Yes I did make some circuit board earrings way back then too! I found this really cool electronic component jewelry

  2. That's so funny! My new idea IS an old one for you.

    Thanks for the link...that component jewelry is very interesting. I especially like the capacitor necklace.

    1. Rachel, You're welcome, I think I still have some of those parts...I may have to dig them out & make some earrings!

  3. I am a jewelry artist working in acrylic, and I just came across this post while perusing a search for acrylic art jewelry. I must say that I really enjoy your work from the 80's, I think it is far more interesting than your current work. I would be interested to see you expand on the aesthetic of your early work and reinvent it with a modern twist!
    Feel free to check out my work: