Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Day in Seattle - A Tourist in My Own City

For over 25 years I lived on Capital Hill in Seattle; about a 25 minute walk from downtown where I worked.  I would go to the Pike Place Market often after the tourists were gone but now I go maybe twice year. I really miss living on the hill; being able to walk to good restaurants, parks,  fun events and downtown. This is the first time I actually took photos of things other than mountains, art or jewelry! I felt like a real tourist in my own town!

As a "tourist" I really didn't mind the crowd; I was there just to visit and wasn't trying to get anywhere or buy anything!

farmers market



One of my favorite shops; Tenzing Momo with the thick smell of incense.

flowers at the market

Another colorful shop!

Then down to the Wheel we went and discovered it was $13 for a twelve minute ride!  Maybe we will try it when the tourists are gone! 

Seattle waterfront

Back up a bunch of stairs  for a slice of pizza at DeLaurenti and through Westlake where we saw some street art. I think most people like the art but some said it is boring or gross. I thought it really added more interest to Westlake plus I just love painted trees!

seattle street art

Seattle street art

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