Friday, October 14, 2011

Cool Cats

I have been so busy with the new house and new puppy for the past few months I wanted to post some cool cat finds and of course, a pic of Tuffy the BluKat (above) who is also having a time adjusting to all of the changes!  Below: I found these cute photos on Pinterest from unknown sources.

                Here is the coolest cat sculpture from Cool Stuff Art Gallery on Etsy

A  gorgeous print from RMB Art Studio on Etsy   

 A cool wire sculpture from Life On Wire  on Etsy


  1. Wonderful cat art finds on etsy. Thank you for including me. I love the black and white hugging cats.

    Christine :-)

  2. I love your post and your beautiful kitty!!!:)

  3. Thank-you Christine and Mercedes : )

  4. Hi Heather. Very cute cats on this post. How does your cat cope with the new puppy? We're thinking of getting a kitten but don't know how the big cat will cope. She loves being the centre of attention.

  5. Suz, Tuffy is 18 years old and was the center of attention too. She is having a hard time; she just stays upstairs on the top floor of our townhouse. She wants to come down but the dog is there. She has lost weight and her allergies are flaring up due to the stress. I think the cat pheromones were helping more that we thought and must pick up a refill!!!! If your cat is younger she will just get used to it eventually and maybe hiss once in awhile but probably never be friends with the new one!