Monday, May 30, 2011

4 Great Tools for Etsy Sellers

4 great tools for Etsy sellers:

1) Wise Stamp email signature.  Drive buyers to your shop just by your email signature. Make sure you are using Gmail, Yahoo mail, Aol or Hotmail for your email. I have another email so I  can't use this one but it looks nice, clean and professional.


2) Flyers. Make some quick flyers; type in your shop name here then go to helpers , pick single product or multi-product flyer, pick your item(s) and click; you now have a cool flyer!

3) For Bloggers, use this simple HTML code generator to easily add Treasuries to your blog.  I use the "tiny" size to fit inside my Blogger blog.
4) If you like to use a white background for your photos FotoFuze will give you a true white background and really make your product pop!

I am always looking for cool tools; if you know of any others please share them here!


  1. Thanks for sharing these great tips with us!
    Got some too, find them here
    Have a nice day!

  2. Thanks for sharing your fun tools Mami!

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