Saturday, November 2, 2013

Colorful Wedding Inspiration in Hot Pink, Peach, Mint, Blue

   Need some color inspiration or wedding ideas? I had no idea weddings could be
 so colorful! It seems they are getting more elaborate and expensive these days but 
maybe I just wasn't paying much attention to wedding decorations when Dennis 
 and I got married because we eloped! To save money you could easily make some
 gorgeous decorations or find affordable beautifully handcrafted ones on Etsy. 
Luckily, vintage is so much in style, you can get some great finds at thrift stores!

wedding favors
Hot pink shawls as bridesmaid gifts from on Etsy

table runner
Hot pink table runner from exclusiveelements on Etsy

vintage necklace
Repurposed vintage flower necklace at  on Etsy

wedding cake decorations
Peach wedding cake decorations from on Etsy

wedding hair accessories
Colorful hair sticks at on Etsy

Elegant earrings from on Etsy

blue flower necklace
Vintage blue flower necklace from on Etsy

heart dish
Blue heart dish from on Etsy

bridal hair comb
Gorgeous mint bridal hair comb from on Etsy

vintage flower necklace
Minty vintage flower necklace from on Etsy

For more wedding ideas see this article:  Your Go-To Color Pallets For 2018

Other ideas: Unique Wedding Themes 
Also for a totally unique wedding:  Day of the Dead Wedding  
and Rock and Roll Wedding

What are your favorite wedding colors? Do you have any color combos you would like me to explore in my next post?   I will be covering chocolate weddings, tropical and maybe holiday weddings so stay tuned!

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