Friday, February 24, 2012

DIY Upcycle Old Junky Finds Into Something New

DIY Upcycle Old Junky Finds Into Something New! You can transform anything with a little spray paint!  I found these brass candlestick holders and lamp base at a thrift shop and did a good scrubbing with dish soap. For the paint,  I prefer Valspar because it covers really nice, dries super fast and seems to work in colder, more humid places like Seattle!  I found the most variety of colors at our local Fred Meyer supermarket rather than at the home improvement stores.

The rim of this candle holder was chipped so I glued a lid from a jar with my E-6000 glue.  I sprayed everything with a coat of primer and let it dry.

upcycled candle holders

I added several coats of the turquoise and now I have something fresh and new!  The tray was an old black Pottery Barn wood tray I already had and wasn't using. Super simple DIY project.

Feel free to post links to your spray paint make-over projects!


  1. They look so much more fun and spring-y compared to the originals. They go well with your vases from the other day!

  2. Thanks Deborah! The colors matched perfectly and I didn't even plan that!

  3. omg! love this, beautiful colors! love the contrast :D


  4. Great recycling project, nice to have something pretty and usefull rather than in the trash or in the back of a closet. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Mary, Thanks so much! I just saw an end table made from a bigger lamp base; very cool!