Saturday, January 21, 2012

Social Media - Facebook Twitter Tips for Etsy Shop Owners

Social Media - Facebook & Twitter Tips for Etsy Shop Owners

I am no social media expert but this is one of my biggest pet peeves; The Mystery Fan or Tweep.   I  want to find your facebook business page and Etsy shop (I know you've got to have them!) but after 10 minutes of searching, I give up!

Please, it is so easy,  go to "update info" on your personal page and add your business; this will link to your business page!  Note when you click on the "work" icon you will see my day job as one of my "projects".

For my business page,  I like people to know who I am so I have a link to my personal page and Etsy shop. Go to "edit page" and I add all of this info to "general information".  This make it easy for people to find me, my Etsy shop, website and blog!

Note:  I use the same photo and logo because I want to be easily recognized and found so I can get sales, facebook fans and new readers to my blog!

...And for those of you on twitter please put your  twitter link on your Etsy shop!  The easier people can find you and your links the more likely you will get tweets, likes, followers and maybe even more sales!

If you have any social media pet peeves or tips feel free to comment below!